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Rainbow Nursery

The Rainbow Nursery is open 51 weeks of the year to provide weekday care for children from 3 months to 4 years.

It is a super bright and airy space providing an environment which allows children to learn through their exploration.

Rainboweb.jpgWe provide care for babies and toddlers in our purpose designed ‘caterpillar' room where children are supported through the purpose designed sensory and treasure play sessions. All babies enjoy accessing tummy time and treasure basket play sessions.

The older children can spread their wings in the ‘butterflies' are with its own dedicated garden where they can always access the Great Outdoors. All play activities are designed around children's individual interests and enthusiasms.
Our Pre-school is in the butterflies room.

Session times for day care
Monday - Friday
8am - 1pm   Morning half day
1pm - 6pm   Afternoon half day
8am - 6pm   Full day

Session times for Preschool
9am - 9.30am  Early Start
9.30 - 12pm     Morning Pre-school
12pm - 1pm     Lunch Club 
12 - 3.30pm     Afternoon Pre-school
3.30 - 4pm      Extra Play

Discounted rates available. Please call or talk to reception for details.
All children are entitled to government - funded sessions from the term after their third birthday. More details of this may be found at reception.

Rainbow Nursery
The Mansion
Fore Street
01803 863447

Please  Follow this link for a map.



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